Sider Scholars

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Our work is supported by Sider Scholars who work 10 hours a week and receive a scholarship for 50 percent or more of their tuition for graduate programs at Palmer Seminary of Eastern University.

Sider Scholarships 
Each academic year, Palmer Seminary awards qualified applicants with a Sider Scholarship, which covers half the cost of tuition at Palmer. The scholarship remains in effect through the student’s entire academic career at Palmer so long as he or she is a half-time student, maintains a G.P.A. of at least 3.3, and continues to meet the criteria for acceptance described below.

Through their association with the Sider Center, the scholars gain valuable experience in research, writing, and networking in holistic ministry, public policy, and social transformation as well as a greater understanding of how to integrate scholarship, popular writing, and organizing for social action. Sider Scholars are also mentored by the faculty and staff of the Sider Center.

Learn more about becoming a Sider Scholar.

Current Sider Scholars 

Jennifer Carpenter
Jennifer serves with The Sider Center searching out or writing new content, helping with events, or just helping around the office. While being a full-time student, she is also a worship leader with First Baptist Church of Norristown. Most importantly, Jennifer is a construction site of grace, solution seeker, and investigator of good stories.

Recent articles by Jennifer
Heart Collector
Being Pro-Life on a Global Scale

Joshua Carson 

Josh serves with The Sider Center through researching and writing content on drones and nonviolence, managing the ESA blog, and has represented ESA on the Steering Team for Evangelicals for Peace. In addition to being a full-time MDIV student, Josh is also the Pastor of Student Ministries at First Baptist Church of Bethlehem, PA and the blessed husband in a young marriage to his wife Lindsay. Josh enjoys cooking, playing board games, and talking theology & ethics with his wife.

Recent articles by Josh
Responding to Acts of Extreme Violence
Resources on Drone Warfare
Dakota Access Pipeline: What’s Happening
The Prayer Wall


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