Become a Facilitator

You’ve attended an Oriented to Love dialogue as a participant and now you want to facilitate one in your church or community. You care about helping the church have a true conversation about sexual diversity—not a debate or a sermon, but a true conversation. That’s why we’ve created the Oriented to Love facilitator training event. The need for this kind of intimate, safe conversation around issues of sexuality is growing. Our goal is to help equip people to facilitate an effective dialogue in their own geographic region, church, and/or circles of influence, because we have seen the power of these conversations to build bridges of healing and relational love.

Please note: You must attend an Oriented to Love dialogue before you can participate in a facilitator training.

At the facilitator training you will learn how to gather a small group of diverse Christians and guide them in a dialogue that has love and unity (not agreement) as its main goals (to learn more about Oriented to Love dialogue goals, go to the dialogue event page). Some of the things we’ll cover at the facilitator training include:

  • Diversity: How can I reach folks outside my circles in order to ensure the diversity needed?
  • Application process: What kind of participants make for successful dialogue?
  • Pre-dialogue preparation: How can participants best prepare their hearts for dialogue?
  • Dialogue 101: What fosters civility, curiosity, and compassion?
  • Outcomes: What are the fruits of these dialogues?

We’ll also discuss how to build safety, lead with vulnerability, stay on task, and invite Christ into the center of the work.

Please note: As you know from participating in a past dialogue, Oriented to Love is for folks who are committed to respectful and loving dialogue, who do not have an agenda to change anyone’s mind but instead want to do the hard work of building community among people who disagree. This is beautiful, sacred, and exciting work, but it is not about persuasion, correction, or instruction. Rather it is about taking the time to discern Christ’s presence in the other and trusting the Holy Spirit to guide each of us.

Those who wish to become a certified* Oriented to Love facilitator and to host/facilitate future dialogues under the Oriented to Love banner are required to complete all the pre- and post-training requirements, which include reading and reflection beforehand and written reflection and evaluation afterwards.

*Certified trainers will receive the following:

  • A recommendation letter (and the ability to list ESA as a reference)
  • The right to use the Oriented to Love logo and materials when planning/facilitating dialogues
  • Requests, as they arise, from ESA to include applicants/conduct a dialogue in their particular region
  • Ongoing counsel and encouragement, as needed, from ESA

Please contact Kristyn Komarnicki for more information about becoming a facilitator.

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