Oriented to Love

O2L_logo_v4_3x3Oriented to Love (OTL) helps Christ followers come together around the topic of sexual diversity in the church. How can Christians love each other across sharp disagreements about what faithful sexuality looks like? How can we listen respectfully in order to truly see and know those we disagree with rather than vilify and dismiss each other?

The goals of OTL are not to: strike theological stances, debate each other about various Scripture passages, or agree with each other.

The goals of OTL are to: help LGBTQ and straight Christians of all stripes come to the same table, regardless of our theological understanding of the issues; listen to each other’s stories and in doing so get to know and understand each other; ask hard questions in a safe environment; discover what God is doing in and through LGBTQ Christians and among straight Christians who love LGBTQ people; discuss how the church can be the church for sexual minorities as well as for straight people; and discover what committed Christians, both LGBTQ and straight, have to offer and teach each other within the larger body of Christ.

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